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InSight4U – Treatment Youth

InSight4U offers treatment youth in an online therapy for children and adolescents between 9 and 18 years. Both psychological treatment (basic mental health care) and psychotherapy (specialism mental health care) are treatment options for youth. Online therapy does conversations online via video sessions through Skype. Online therapy has been proven effective. There are no waiting lists for the treatment youth and the practice is open during daytime. You will find the right moment with the online psychologist.


Are you struggling with feelings you don’t know what to do it? Do you have problems and do you want to talk about it with someone? The online psychologist can help you to find a solution for your problems and help you to deal with them. Contact InSight4U: or get your parents to email. Together with you and your parents the psychologist looks at your problems (intake phase) and how we can handle them. In that way your problems disappear. Targets are set in a treatment plan. Sometimes psychological questionnaires will be done first. If necessary, your parents will be involved in the treatment. The treatment lasts as long as it needs but as short as possible. How long a treatment will last is difficult to say in advance.


InSight4U works with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR within the psychological treatment or psychotherapy. Also, clientcentered psychotherapy is offered. Aspects of mindfulness and solution focused therapy may be used. The method used suits you and your problems.

What problems are treated

InSight4U treats several problems with psychological and psychotherapeutic therapy. You can get help with problems like depression and fatigue. But also when you are sad or angry. Treatments for anxiety problems, hyperventilation and stress are available. If you are suffering from insecurity, dealing with a low selfesteem or having a traumatic experience, a treatment can help you to deal with it. Other problems like problems at school, with friends or being bullied, it helps to talk about it. Even if you live abroad and miss your friends, a treatment can help you.


Marjon Peters is therapist and online psychologist at InSight4U online. I am specialized in online therapy for youth where I use CBT and EMDR. I am registrered as cognitive behavioral therapist at VGCT and as EMDR practitioner at VEN. I am a child and adolescent psychologist (registered in The Netherlands) and a child psychotherapist (with a registration in The Netherlands). I am a member of the Association for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (VKJP in The Netherlands).

InSight4U is the first practice who is offering EMDR online. Interested? Get in touch with me for further information or an appointment, contact / registration form.


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