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InSight4U offers online therapy for adults between 18 and 55 years old. Both psychological treatment (basic mental health care) and psychotherapy (specialist mental health care) are treatments for adults. Online therapy does conversations online via video sessions through Skype. Online therapy has been proven effective. There is no waiting list for adults and the practice is open during daytime. The online psychologist will find a appropriate time with you for your treatment.


Did you had to fight particular psychological problems? Do you suffer from psychological problems on several areas? Do you need a psychologist for that? Please contact me via

Together with you the psychologist looks at your problems (intake phase) and how they can be treated. Targets are set in a treatment plan. If necessary we do a personality test.

The treatment lasts as long as it takes but as short as possible. The nature and severity of your problems also determine the duration of treatment.


InSight4U works with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR within the psychological treatment or psychotherapy. Also, cliëntcentered psychotherapy is possible. Aspects of mindfulness and solution focused therapy may be used. The method used suits you and your problems.

What problems are treated

InSight4U treats several problems with psychological and psychotherapeutic therapy.

Specialized in identity and selfesteem problems and in the field of trauma. Also emigration issues in the broad sense for expatriates belonging tot he specialization. ligt op het vlak van identiteitsproblemen en zelfbeeldproblematiek en op het gebied van traumaverwerking. Ook emigratieproblematiek in de brede zin voor expats behoort tot de specialisatie. Furthermore, you can think of (social) anxiety problems and stress, compulsion, depression, sadness and feeling lonely, problems with grief, anger and eating problems. Additionally work and study problems can be treated at InSight4U as well as bad habits such as smoking.


Marjon Peters is therapist and online psychologist at InSight4U. I am specialized in online therapy for adults where I use CBT and EMDR. I am registrered as cognitive behavioral therapist at VGCT and as EMDR practitioner at VEN. Marjon Peters is a psychologist for adults (registered in The Netherlands) and a psychotherapist for adults (with a registration in The Netherlands).

InSight4U is the first practice who is offering EMDR online.

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