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What is psychotherapy?

InSight4U offers psychotherapy. It is a treatment method for psychological problems and disorders. The therapy is a conversation therapy which is been given by a registered psychotherapist. The treatment is often individual but in a group, family or with your partner is also possible.
The psychotherapist doesn’t solve your problems, but helps to recognise painful feelings and emotions and to process them or accept them. You learn how you can deal with them in another way. Understanding your pattern and emotions are an important part of therapy. The purpose of psychotherapy is to eliminate your problems or to reduce them at least. A working process involving both the use of the practitioner and your commitment are important. Psychotherapy is often hard work for a client and it is a process with ups-and-downs. A succesfull psychotherapy doesn’t mean that a client no longer meets his problems but means he will handle them better. A psychotherapy can’t change something about your living conditions such as income or housing.
To clarify the problems questionnaires will be used in the intake phase and if necessary a diagnosis can be established. After that a treatment plan with achievable goals follows and the treatment can start.

Psychotherapy, when?

Psychotherapy is given if your problems last for a long time (longer than 6 months). Sometimes you have problems which suffers from your childhood. On and off they are there again. It is possible that you have been treated already for them but it helped inadequate or temporarely. The problems appears in several areas.
The problems for which people come into therapy are diverse. Depression and loneliness, anxiety, panic can be treated by psychotherapy but also emotional trauma, low selfesteem and identityproblems. Work- and study problems can be treated with therapy as well. In short, psychotherapy can be used for many psychological problems.

Psychotherapy, for whom?

This therapy works for children, adolescents and adults. During the sessions I may use some creative material. The severity and duration of the treatment depends partly by the nature of the problems.

Practitioner Marjon Peters

Marjon Peters is a psychotherapist for children, adolescents and also for adults. I am registered in The Netherlands. Marjon Peters is specialized in online therapy with the use of CBT and EMDR. InSight4U is the first online practice who uses EMDR in an online treatment. Client-centered therapy is a treatment as well at InSight4U.

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