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Specialized in online therapy with CBT and EMDR

InSight4U is an online therapy practice in psychology and psychotherapy. The practice focuse is on youth (9-18 years) and adults (18-55 years) for online therapy and psychological research. InSight4U is very experienced in online therapy for Dutch in The Netherlands and abroad.


InSight4U specializes in providing online therapy using CBT and EMDR. In addition, other forms of treatment are used as psychotherapy and cliëntcentered psychotherapy. But also aspects of couple therapy and solution focused therapy are possible within the treatment.


Following the intake phase (2/3 sessions) a diagnosis is established and the treatment starts immediately. Sometimes a psychological assesement is needed to initiate a targeted therapy. Your process is leading in the treatment. An important goal is that you get more insight and learn in a different way to deal with your problems and habits. It may be that the symptoms disappear or that they will be more manageable for you. The severity and duration of your symptoms co-determining the course of the therapy process.

If a short therapy is not enough a longer psychotherapy is available. All treatments are done by Skype. Online therapy is as good as face to face therapy in the treatment room. You hear and see the online psychologist as if you are together in the treatment room.

Marjon Peters: please contact me for further information or an appointment: There is no waiting list for online therapy.


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