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InSight4U offers Online Therapy for Dutch people and English speaking people where ever living in the world. Either if you live in Australia, The States, Europe, Asia or Africa, online therapy is always a possibility for everyone. It is an effective way of treatment. All sessions will take place over Skype. Online therapy will be given by a psychologist or psychotherapist over Skype. You can download Skype for free where ever in the world. So that you will be able to do a videocall with me as an online psychologist/psychotherapist. There will be an secured connection so that your privacy is secured. Skype is compleet for free and so are the calls. Download here your own Skype account through

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy or internettherapy is a treatment through Skype where the online psychologist and client are in contact through Skype, email or chat. InSight4U offers therapy through Skype. Almost all psychological problems are treatable through online therapy. You can think of depression, lonelyness, fear and anxietyproblems, homesickness, (complex) trauma’s, burn-out, panic disorders, problems with loss, work- or study problems and also identity problems and selfesteem problems.

Online Therapy, for whom?

Online therapy is suitable for everyone. Both children, youth and adults can benefit from online therapy. Both treatment and psychological examinations are possible at InSight4U.

Method of online therapy

This therapy works through Skype. The sight and sound are perfect (of course if the connection is good). In fact, it works as in the treatment room. An intake phase, in which the problems are clarified. Together with you I create a plan with goals for the treatment. After that we start the treatment immediately. InSight4U offers short-term psychological treatment online as well as long-term psychotherapy. The nature and severity of your problems determine the duration of treatment. InSight4U also offers EMDR therapy in the online videosessions.

Benefits of online therapy

  • Online therapie at InSight4U doesn’t have a waiting list, you can start immediately.
  • The intake phase can be short.
  • It is very flexible because it takes place in your own, comfortable surrounding. You don’t have to go out and be in the traffic and don’t lose time.
  • In general the treatment runs faster than the one in a treatment room.
  • For some clients it is a big step to go to a practice, online therapy is easier. You can feel at ease and be open about your problems. It is for the better results of the treatment.
  • Even if you are remoted an online therapy with InSight4U is possible for you or your child.

Practitioner online therapy

Marjon Peters (Dutch, 1972) has registrations in The Netherlands as a psychologist and psychotherapist. I am specialized in online therapy and within that I use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and EMDR. I am registered as a CBT therapist and an EMDR therapist. InSight4U is the first practice offering EMDR online.

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