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What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR is a therapy for people who continue to suffer from the consequences of traumatic experiences. This can be a shocking experience such as an accident or other kind of traumas. A trauma can influence your development and your live and can be treated with EMDR.

EMDR is a relatively new therapy. It originated in America and was developed by the American psychologist Francine Shapiro in 1989.

When EMDR?

Bad experiences can deeply intervene in people’s lives. Most of the people work through these experiences on their own. Others develop psychological and/or physical problems. Often there are intrusive memories of the traumatic event or nightmares and flashbacks.
EMDR can be used to treat a large number of mental health problems. PTSD, however, remains the primary indication for EMDR. The experience have left traces in the memory of the person and the suffering goes on and on, then EMDR is the number one treatment at this moment. For example, to be neglect, abuse, loss experiences, work-related events, assault or other traumatic experiences.
The EMDR therapist helps the client to process the memories of this experience, with the aim to let reduce or eliminate the symptoms.

EMDR, for whom?

EMDR can be used for babies from 0 years, children, youth and adults. EMDR can also used within the partner relationship therapy.

Practitioner Marjon Peters

Marjon Peters is specialized in EMDR in case of complex and single trauma in combination with an online therapy. I am a member of the Association of The Netherlands as EMDR practitioner for children and adults. InSight4U is the first practice who is offering EMDR online.

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