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What is client-centered psychotherapy?

The person will be central in client-centered psychotherapy or non-directive psychotherapy. The client is not only aware of his thoughts but above all of his feelings. In this way, a client may examine its problems. The therapist shows emapthy, he tries to imagine the thoughts and feelings of the other. The founder of this therapy is Carl R. Rogers. A safe environment in which the client can evolve is important in client-centered psychotherapy.

Client-centered psychotherapy, when?

A client-centered psychotherapy is person-oriented. This means that the therapist examines the significance the problems has for you. So not the mental disorder is taken as the basis in client-centered psychotherapy but the psychotherapist reflects feelings without going in a direction. It’s about exploring feelings and perceptions. If you are strongly inclined to rationalize client-centered psychotherapy can be an effective and complementary approach to achieve understanding of what was previously hidden. The psychotherapist has only a guidance function and looks at the healthy side of the client so that he is able to solve its own problems.
There are many problems that can be treated by client-centered psychotherapy. If you are unsecure, feel sad, have many worries, hesitate, can’t make choices, client-centered psychotherapy helps. If you are a perfectionist, critical and negative towards others, can hardly enjoy situations and keep excessive control, being in conflict every time, problems with relationships, vague physical complaints or suffering from a trauma, client- centered psychotherapy can help you.

Client-centered psychotherapy, for whom?

A client-centered psychotherapy is suitable for children, adolescents and adults in an individual setting. During this form of psychotherapy there is much play and creative material used. The duration of the treatment depends on the nature of the problems.

Practitioner Marjon Peters

Marjon Peters offers client-centered psychotherapy in an online treatment setting. In the psychotherapy study much attention is paid to the theory and working with client-centered psychotherapy. I have the BIG registration as a psychotherapist (no. 29914911716). In addition, I am a member of the National Association for Free Established Psychotherapists (in The Netherlands).

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