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InSight4U has a lot of experience with the online psychology and treatment of all kind of emotional problems. Wether you’re in Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia, online therapy is always and everywhere possible. Through video sessions in your own familiar surroundings. Dutch and English speaking youth and adults can be treated at InSight4U.

Spectacular: Did you know InSight4U is the first and only practice in the world who’s offering EMDR within your online therapy! And it works!!

Who also wants to get rid of his symptoms?

Online psychology is hot in the 21st century and a proved effective way of therapy. Now a lot of people of all ages can be treated for their problems. Wherever you live in the world, treatment can be done. I am registered as a psychologist and psychotherapist in The Netherlands in the BIG register. Everybody can be treated by Online Therapie.

Do you need help with:

Trauma’s (victims of terrorism, abuse).
Sleeping problems.
Panic disorder.
Self-confidence /low selfesteem.
Relationship problems.
Adjustment problems.
Eating disorders.
Stress- and worry complaints.
Vague physical complaints.
Social problems.
Problems with school/study.
Concentration problems.

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“Thanks for your time. Your warmth and open vision helped me a lot. Me sessions through SKYPE with you felt always like a warm bath.
I had several sessions with EMDR with Marjon. After the treatment I tried a couple of times to evoke the image. To my surprise it’s not possible anymore! I ended the story, get the idea that bad times are cleared.
I’ll never forget! The sun going to shine again in my life and I’m going to do everything to be able to hold this.”
Client (44 years) - The Netherlands
“It was exciting to start, there was a treshold in front of me. But after I told my story there was a weight off my shoulders. I have got much better understanding about myself and feel better in myself. Very nice to see that Marjon has never been judgmental during our conversations.”
René (34 years) - Germany
“I’ve had the most of the EMDR. Which has ensured that it has become quiet again in my head so I do sleep again. Now I dare to do things again like I did before that horrible event. I’am very relieved by this and again optimistic. Thanks a lot Marjon.”
Lars (39 years) - Kenia

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